My Cosplay Post 2


My Cosplay Post 2

Here is my Elsa cosplay! I don’t have a very accurate wig yet, but soon! Anyways, here it is! Four months from beginning of construction as well as $700 later and she is (almost except for the wig) complete! I have already placed an order for the wig and plan to take my cosplay to the dry cleaners because I’ve worn it so much! haha Getting her ready for PCC here we come!


My Cosplay Post 1


Jessica Rabbit

Because I posted about this in my last post for my class, I thought it would be a good idea to actually post a picture of some of my cosplays I have already done.

So here is the first I will reveal. JESSICA RABBIT! The dress is an actual dress found by chance at an Orange County Goodwill, where I also got a 50% discount on it. I decided, because my chest really isn’t big enough to hold the dress up on it’s own, I should add straps and a chain. So that is how the dress is being held up.

The dress came out at a total of $5.70. Gloves, shoes, hair color refiner, and even a fur coat that fit her character, all together, this cosplay came out at a total of just under $25.

Here I am on Day 3 of Taiyou Con 2014, January 3rd to 5th, with my new friend and Steampunk cutie in our hotel room before going to the con for the day.

What do you think?