Findings For Class Post 5

ALRIGHTY, so, I have NO idea what to write about here. I suppose I can use this post, since it is the last one for the semester, as a reflection of what I have learned from this class. 

Being able to write and relate the subject to my favorite thing in the world, cosplaying, definitely made this class easier to be interested in, as well as make me want to attend the class. 

I have to say that I think that discussing how, when I cosplay, I do more than wear the costume, I BECOME that character. That was probably the most interesting thing I found out about myself while in this class.

I also came to the realization that I am WAY more critical in my cosplay critique than I thought I was. It is all well and good if you want to cosplay something out of your skin tone range, body shape, or not be accurate in the cosplay itself, but I do look at accuracy in all the above. I suppose some would look down on that, but I also do believe that if you are confident enough to wear something like this, critiques like this shouldnt bother you. If you are truly going for accuracy, I’d advise not to cosplay something you can’t thoroughly pull off. Otherwise, I don’t look at it seriously, and I respect the fact that you are simply cosplaying for fun. 



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