Findings For Class Post 5

ALRIGHTY, so, I have NO idea what to write about here. I suppose I can use this post, since it is the last one for the semester, as a reflection of what I have learned from this class. 

Being able to write and relate the subject to my favorite thing in the world, cosplaying, definitely made this class easier to be interested in, as well as make me want to attend the class. 

I have to say that I think that discussing how, when I cosplay, I do more than wear the costume, I BECOME that character. That was probably the most interesting thing I found out about myself while in this class.

I also came to the realization that I am WAY more critical in my cosplay critique than I thought I was. It is all well and good if you want to cosplay something out of your skin tone range, body shape, or not be accurate in the cosplay itself, but I do look at accuracy in all the above. I suppose some would look down on that, but I also do believe that if you are confident enough to wear something like this, critiques like this shouldnt bother you. If you are truly going for accuracy, I’d advise not to cosplay something you can’t thoroughly pull off. Otherwise, I don’t look at it seriously, and I respect the fact that you are simply cosplaying for fun. 



Findings For Class Post 4

Last week in class, we discussed how the mold of fame has been shaped to include mega-mega famous people, who, like Paris Hilton, have nothing to be famous for aside from their family’s name or money, and for making a fool of themselves on camera enough to get exposure to become this star. 

We covered in class how some people are given fame by doing nothing. Who are some people who have done some incredible things for society who aren’t considered famous, but should? 

Now, moving on to cosplay. 

In my English Bias and Literacy in Video Games class, this week we discussed identity in a game. Since I am a big League of Legends player, my game for this semester is League of Legends. (Still working on that annotated bibliography. Sorry Professor!). League is also what I am writing about for our semester final paper. So, I have been playing it often with another friend who is also writing about it to really get roles down, game play differentiation, as well as how I play in each differentiation.

While I play, what I have noticed about myself, since I have recorded what I have said by request of a friend of mine, that I, in a way, become that character. 

My main champions end up being either support/ability power, or adcs (a.k.a. attack damage carry) champs. My normal adc champions are either Miss Fortune, a pirate lass, or Jinx, who seems like a mentally koo koo teen  with a rocket launcher.My ability power champion is usually Morgana, a witch, and my support champions have gone back and forth from Morgana and Nami, the mermaid. 

So, as I was saying, I feel that this discussion could be really valuable to relate to as a cosplayer. If I were to just wear my cosplays, I wouldn’t be cosplaying. Since cosplaying takes more than just having a costume, I feel that when you take the time to put together something like a cosplay, it is part of the cosplay to not only wear the costume, but to BE the character. That is a huge part of cosplaying. 

So, as in my games, while playing Nami, I have been caught shouting “Take that you mortal” and “aww I screwed that wave up” on a time or two. Or while playing jinx, laughing loudly and like a crazy person when I get a kill, or whatever has now become how I play. 

Rolling this over to Cosplay, when I play games now, I feel my inner cosplayer come out as I act, react, and behave as my character does. I BECOME that character, or at least do my best to. 

Because this is seen as such a huge part of cosplay, it has been noted that one who is not in character, is not serious about their practice. An example, aside from my own in acting like a princess straight from Disneyland while as Elsa, would be I would say, episode two of “Heroes of Cosplay.” In this episode, our cosplayer Monika Lee creates a sexy steampunk Poison Ivy out of scratch and takes to the stage for the masquerade/cosplay show. However, because she simply took to the stage and waved, not displaying her characters sassy personality in character, she lost the opportunity for her award of her creation. 

Now, as for a question for you, what character would you like to impersonate? Where are they from? Why would you want to become that character for a short time? 

My Cosplay Post 2


My Cosplay Post 2

Here is my Elsa cosplay! I don’t have a very accurate wig yet, but soon! Anyways, here it is! Four months from beginning of construction as well as $700 later and she is (almost except for the wig) complete! I have already placed an order for the wig and plan to take my cosplay to the dry cleaners because I’ve worn it so much! haha Getting her ready for PCC here we come!